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10 lbs. of Premium-Quality sustainibeef delivered to your doorstep monthly. 100% real, local beef, with 50% lower emissions than traditional beef!

Get wholesome, family-farm raised beef delivered to your dinner table in just 2-3 business days.

Your beef shipment comes in the proportion nature intended- roughly 30% Primal Steaks, 25% Specialty Roasts and Ribs, and 45% Gourmet Ground beef (split between patties and regular ground), all for less than $4.50 per 6 oz. serving! That's less than a fast food burger!

Beef shipped frozen for your convenience. Thaw and enjoy at your leisure! Boxes shipped with Dry Ice to ensure product quality.

With the exception of USDA-mandated vacuum-sealed packaging, every component of your sustainibox is recyclable, biodegradable, or compostable!

Subscribe and Save with free shipping within California, and reduced shipping anywhere West of the Rockies**!

**WA, OR, AZ, ID, NV and UT