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Premium, sustainable beef- the gift that keeps on giving!

Whether you're shopping for clients, employers, employees, family members, teachers or friends, there's no better way to show that special someone how much they mean to you.

10 lbs of  Premium-Quality sustainiBeef delivered to their doorstep. 100% real, local beef, with 50% lower emissions than traditional beef!*

Wholesome, family-farm raised beef delivered on your behalf just prior to the Christmas Holiday! Check the gift option box at check out to send a free customizable gift message with your order. 

The locally-raised beef shipment comes in the proportion nature intended- roughly 30% Primal Steaks, 25% Specialty Roasts and Ribs, and 45% Gourmet Ground beef (split between patties and regular ground), giving your recipient 4-6 meals of pure bliss.

Shipped frozen for to ensure quality, allowing your recipient to thaw and enjoy at their leisure! Boxes shipped with Dry Ice to ensure product quality. Shipments will be shipped on 1 of 2 possible shipment dates; December 7th or December 14th. 

With the exception of USDA-mandated vaccuum-sealed packaging, every component of your sustainiBox is recyclable, biodegradable, or compostable! 

Flat rate shipping within California, and reduced shipping anywhere West of the Rockies**!


*More information available on our Research tab

**WA, OR, AZ, ID, NV and UT