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Half Steer + FREE Chest Freezer **Deposit Only**

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Eat beef the way farmers and ranchers do - one steer at a time! 

Premium-Quality, Hand-Cut USDA sustainibeef and a complementary chest freezer to store it in!

We take care of the harvest, packaging, and delivery, all for $5.49 per lb. of hanging weight. As always, our sustainbeef is produced with a scientifically-proven 50% lower carbon footprint than traditional beef!

Typical half-steer hanging weights are 420-460 lbs., which will yield 200-250 lbs. of Premium Quality sustainibeef. A typical shipment include roughly 30% primal steaks, 25% ribs, roasts, and specialty cuts, 45% ground beef. A whole year's supply of full-flavor ribeyes, mouth-watering New York Strips, tender Filet Mignon, gourmet hamburger patties, decadent specialty roasts, and so much more–⁠all for one low price per lb.

Don't need a freezer? Select that option at checkout to select a special gift instead! Keep in mind that you will need at least 7 cu ft. of freezer space for your half.

Ideal for families of 2-4 with a large appetite for beef.

Please Note:

  • Free delivery to be coordinated after delivery of freezer. Free delivery applies to California delivery destinations geographically between Bakersfield, CA and Sacramento, CA.
  • Additional delivery charges may apply to other destinations.
  • Not currently available outside of California.