How it Works

We ranch-raise your sustainiBeef to market-weight, coordinate delivery and harvest in USDA-inspected facilities, and hand-select only the best steers and cuts for your consumption.


  • We ship you 10 lbs* of Premium, Hand-Cut, Single-Source Beef. The beef is frozen, and ships with Dry Ice in a biodegradable insulator that will ensure that your beef will arrive safely.

  • Your beef shipment comes in the proportion nature intended- roughly 30% Primal Steaks, 25% Specialty Roasts and Ribs, and 45% Gourmet Ground beef (split evenly between patties and regular ground).

  • Upon arrival, your beef can either be returned to a freezer, or thawed in a refrigerator for consumption.

  • Every component of your packaging (with the exception of the USDA-mandated vacuum-packed plastic Meat Packaging) can either be recycled, composted, or in the case of your insulation, dissolved under water!

    *Actual delivery weight will be between 9.5 and 10.5 lbs

Freezer Beef

Allows you to consume sustainiBeef the same way farmers, ranchers, and butchers do- one steer at a time!
  • Half-Steer and Chest Freezer: $5.49 per lb of hanging weight (Typically 420-460 lbs for a half). Depending on steer size and desired cuts, this will yield you approximately 200-250 lbs of Premium, Hand-Cut, Single-Source sustainiBeef. You'll pay a $599 deposit to join our waitlist, $599 due upon notification of upcoming harvest and delivery of your freezer, with the final amount due upon delivery. Total cost ranges from $2,300-$2,500.

  • After completing your Pre-Order deposit, you will be placed on our waitlist for your Half-Steer. Upon notification of upcoming harvest and delivery of your chest freezer, a second $599 payment will be due.  Delivery is free to all locations geographically between Sacramento and Bakersfield, locations beyond that may incur additional delivery charges. If necessary, additional charges will be kept to a minimum, and will not exceed publicly available mileage reimbursement ($0.58 per mile over 400 miles roundtrip from zip code 95322). Final payment based on the final harvest weight of your steer will be due upon delivery.
Raising a steer to perfection for you takes time, and as of now, we are anticipating delivery in March-April of 2021. Your deposit is only refundable in the event that sustainiBeef fails to fulfill your order. Failure to pay the remainder of your balance when invoiced will result in forfeiture of your deposit.
Have questions? You can email us at!