About Our Farm

The Lopes family has farmed in the Central Valley of California for 4 generations.

In addition to raising sustainiBeef’s Angus -Crossbred steers, the family farm also produces Real California Milk, Corn, Oats, and Alfalfa. Ever since the family’s patriarch Manuel immigrated from the Azores Islands in search of work, we have been dedicated to the land and cows that sustain us.
A lot has changed in 4 generations, but our commitment to environmental stewardship and animal welfare has never faltered. Today, sustainiBeef’s farmer-founder, Tony, works daily alongside his parents Paul and Darlene, and siblings Alexandria, Selina, and Joseph, to produce wholesome, nutritious food to our consumers.
We are proud to share over 2,000 acres of open land with our vibrant local eco-system of wildlife, and to pay our employees a progressive living wage. Our focus is on farming the right way- for our consumers, our community, and our world.  



Our grandpa, Tony, pictured on top of the hay stack during harvest with his brothers in the early 1940s.

The family behind the farm- Joseph, Alexandria, Paul, Darlene, Selina, and Tony.

Starting 'em young! Alexandria and Tony feeding the cows in the early 2000s.

Our ranch-raised sustainiBeef steers enjoy California sunshine year-round!

Our winter wheat and oat forage crop drying in the sun. We harvest the cereal grain and plant matter all-in-one for our cattle to consume, and leave the stubble behind to build carbon reserves in our soil!


Our farm is a honey-bee sanctuary! Our farmland makes a perfect environment for bees, and we partner with a local beekeeper to ensure the bees (inside the white hive boxes) thrive.


One of the many endangered and protected species we share our farm with! Ducks, owls, hawks, cranes, egrets, coyotes, ground squirrels, voles, raccoons, turtles, frogs, lizards, and many more call our farm home. We're proud to support such a diverse and abundant ecosystem!